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In the collection of texts, Hautflügelmieder, big themes are addressed in small details and symbolic images, which are brought to life in Johanna Spitzmüller's drawings. Illness and health, body and mind, life and death struggle for attention, the goal is always the truth, no matter what rhyming facades it hides in its dress of delicate words. In the in-between of prosaic poetry and lyrical prose, the I in its various faces forms the center of the stories and explores the relationships to oneself and to others.

Outside and inside are often only separated by an infinitely thin line, which connects fragments, overcomes borders and becomes emotionally concentrated, so that the common thread of Hautflügelmieder becomes recognizable in the interaction of text and image. The pen is not set down, the narration runs vertically, because poetry lives beyond any horizon.

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Radio Burgenland Extra


Katharina Wenty has published her texts in book form – the illustrations are by her friend Johanna Spitzmüller from Willersdorf.

Mein Tagebuch, Ich + ...


What does a woman experience when she gets to know the world and does it by hitchhiking? What should women consider? Katharina tells us her tips, but also tells us about dangerous experiences ... 

Thuringia Literary Society

From min 33:30 I speak about my function as a juror at the International PoetryFilmTagen in Weimar as well as my approach to poetry film and my poetic-film career.


LinguaLyra Gruppenfoto Hugo Wettbewerb.png

The ensemble Lingua:Lyra, consisting of the musicians Jule Bauer and Laura Jörres, the musicologist Johanna Kloser and the stage poet Katharina Wenty, is one of the three finalists and - spoiler alert: winning team - of the HUGO competition 2o23 for new concert formats.



All cards are available in black-and-white as well as in colour

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