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"Farben in mir"
Experimentalfilm, 2014
- Preisträger -


"Philosophische Distanz und körperliche Nähe - Mit einem dichten Gewebe aus Bild, Text und Ton schickt uns die Filmemacherin auf Identitätssuche. Mit digitaler Technik erschafft sie im Alleingang eine analoge Filmwelt, die schwarz-weiß beginnt und bunt ausklingt."

Film & Photography

At the age of 15 I discovered my passion for photography and filmmaking. The first short film projects followed, some of which made it into the program of various festivals (amongst others, 3rd International Short Film Festival Pune India, Art Visuals Poetry Film Festival, Wörgler Short Film Festival, Rec'n'Play Short Film Festival) and received one or the other award, e.g. Media Literacy Award, Zeit:impuls short film award etc.

After school, I devoted myself to studying theatre, film and media studies at the University of Vienna and the Multimedia College at the Higher Graphic Federal, Teaching and Research Institute, which I completed in 2018 as a qualified multimedia specialist.

I've been gaining practical experience since I the age of 17 - on the one hand as a freelancer for television and film production companies, and on the other hand through a wide variety of photo and film projects.

Since 2021 I have been co-organizing and moderating the Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival, the second largest poetry film festival in the world. 

Work experience

ORF - production assistant, Newsroom etc.

TalkTV - Stage & backstage management: Barbara Karlich Show

VonAlmenMedia GmbH - Production assistance in various areas

Amnesty in Motion / OktoTV - Editing, directing, post-/production

extras - Casting agency: extra series & acting,

Inspector Rex, Bollywood in the Alps etc.


Video and film projects for and with,

among others:

Wien zu Fuß (Geh-Cafe)

Weis[s]e Wirtschaft

WienXtra media center (Trailer Jugend&Druck in Cinemagic cinemas)

Lightup Austria

Bock auf Kultur

Shine Austria

Various artists (including Oleg SoulimenkoVincent BuenoAmistat etc.)

Film Festivals &
television screenings

as filmmaker:

Video&Filmtage (award winner 2012 & 2015)

Zeit:impuls Short Film Festival (award winner 2013 & 2016)

Rec'n'Play Short Film Festival 2014 & 2016

dotdotdot Short Film Festival 2015

Wörgler Short Film Festival 2016

3rd International Short Film Festival Pune India 2018

Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival 2019

Sardam Festival 2021

La Poesia che si vede / La Punta della Lingua 2021

Oslo International Poetry Film Festival 2022

Screenings of various short films in OktoTV and ORF

as a juror:

International Thuringian Poetry Film Days 2022

as organizer / curator / moderator:

Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival